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There are 1) http://www.lingvo-online.ru/en/LingvoDictionaries/AllDictionaries  you can found next information.English-Russian and Russian-English online dictionary. Words are given with transcription, meanings, translation, synonyms, examples of use. Words are also arranged in topical dictionaries.
2) http://www.learnenglish.de/vocabpage.html   A large collection of topical word lists and phrases, with pictures and audio, on the site LearnEnglish.de.

 3) http://www.elllo.org/ A large collection of conversations, dialogues, monologues, and texts on various topics. People from different countries speak English in audio materials of this resource.
4) http://www.merriam-webster.com/game/index.htm  A dictionary of American English. Words are given with transcription, audio, meanings, synonyms, antonyms, examples of use, idiomatic expressions. You can also use the Thesaurus dictionary. The Visual Dictionary Online on the same site is a useful visual aid for students of all levels.

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